Wednesday, 24 May 2017

hard to Pin down ...

most of the

so-called humans here


one trait in common

they are hard to Pin down

whether it be in one space

or with their attention

its just

Run Run Run

and without that Pin-ing

they cannot really

Listen or Learn




after all


in P

into P

into the Pole the Axis



anubhuti vyas said...

One can only learn the truths of this multiverse if they surrender to you and run into you. Become one with you.

vintish said...

I bow

pinx said...

You make the best connections !!!!!
You are so astutely observant !!!
You have come to gno all about muggle functionings !
and You PresenT Your Phindings in such an eloquent & witty way !

so amazing to see the way the P words function !
Your PhracTality is mind blowing !
You are the One to be 'in' to for sure !
so great to have the opportunity to do just that !

i bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

beautyfull beautyfull beautyfull !

such a great PoinT and so very true !

so glad You are here providing somewhere so imPressive, interesting, beautyfull, fascinating, engaging, lovely, sensical, sensual, logical, natural, & diabolically COOL to put the attention on !!!!!

before You there was no chance of Pin-ing but now there is bc You are so exquisitely Divine in every way !!!!!!!

You are the best P and so kind to give everyone a chance at getting out of 3-D realm !!

i bow

Swati said...

Thank-you so much for your Grace! To Pin me down in P into P into the Pole the Axis. I bow!💐💐

neelang tiwari said...

One needs a pin and a point to pin point the action.

Swati said...